Important ways you can help:

Stay abreast of the latest understandings of addiction and recovery by reading articles of interest emailed to you, posted on our website, shared on Facebook, or subscribing to our blog.

Find and Follow us on Facebook. Social media engagement is vital to our effort. Following, liking, and sharing our Facebook posts makes a huge difference in reaching the people we wish to serve, as well as those who want to join our effort. 

Attend our events. 150-160 people attended our Listening Session on April 25th setting a Georgia record and getting the attention of persons of influence at the state level.  Over 50 people attended Commissioner Taylor & Mayor Santini’s National Recovery Month Proclamation on September 10th – again, another record turnout. This matters. It says to our state and county officials, school boards, and legislators that we care about our community’s well-being. 

Become a member of our Working Group that meets twice a month to plan, pray, and do the BIG things necessary for Bartow to become a place of help and hope to those suffering in addiction, and their families. 

Tell others, and there are many, who have been affected by the opioid/drug crisis that we need their input as we move forward – especially those who’ve achieved long-term recovery.  A crisis of this magnitude requires community-wide collaboration.