July 4th, 2021 TNT Fireworks Fundraiser Event

Thank you for volunteering for our first July 4th TNT Fireworks Fundraiser right here in Bartow County.  Our event will be held in the Kroger parking lot. What a great location!  We are grateful to Melissa Prigmore for working so hard in the previous fundraisers in Marietta and then helping us secure this new location in our hometown. Thanks, Melissa.

As new operators of a TNT Fireworks stand, Barbara and Jeff were required to watch a series of excellent TNT training videos. Six of them will be extremely helpful in building your knowledge and confidence when working the stand – even if you’ve never sold anything in your life or know nothing about fireworks. Total viewing time is only 45 minutes, but can be watched in short segments as your schedule permits. We think you’ll agree that they were well worth your time.

Delivery and Inventory

Taking Credit Cards via Square 11:00 min

Accepting TNT Coupons 10:44 min

Stand Merchandising 3:49 min

Break Open Items

Sales Tips