2022 Run for Recovery 5K and 1M Winter Walk to benefit Recovery Bartow Inc. is coming! Saturday Morning January 29th! OUTSTANDING cause!

Ghost Runners Arise!

What’s a ghost runner?

Anyone who doesn’t run 5K’s but wants people to think they do, or

Someone who wants the Koolest 5K Tee in Town, or maybe

You just want to support and promote the hope and reality of recovery for families and their loved ones suffering in addiction.

Ghost Runners help Recovery Bartow to save lives, support families, and stop stigma.

Register here today, and we’ll be thankful you did.

Our Mission

Save Lives. Support Families. Stop Stigma. 


A Community Where the Hope and Reality of

Recovery is Celebrated.

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Who we are

We are a diverse group of local community members whose lives have been affected by addiction. We recognize the need for a more robust and organized way to support those seeking or in recovery, as well as the families negatively impacted by substance use.

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the Donations

Please consider a recurring monthly or quarterly donation as a stable cash flow helps us spend more time helping. Click the Box or Scan the QR code to make your donation. Thank you for your generous support: 

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