Important Up Coming Event


Date:  Tuesday, January 28th, 2020
Time:  9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Location: The Georgia Freight Depot & Capitol (Atlanta)
Registration & Tickets:  Georgia Council on Substance Abuse

Contact Debi Conner for carpool info:

The purpose of this day is to recognize and lift up the power of Recovery in the lives of everyday Georgians and to say thank you to the bi-partisan support the Georgia Recovery Community receives from the General Assembly and our state Constitutional Officers.
We support initiatives that promote prevention & early intervention; increase opportunities and resources for treatment and support pro-recovery policies that increase the likelihood of sustained, long-term recovery. As Georgia’s policy-makers and leaders make decisions that affect all of us, they will see that RECOVERY IS REAL!


We Connect Individuals and Families to Recovery Resources.


A Community Where the Hope and Reality of

Recovery is Celebrated.

Become Involved

If you would like to join our efforts we meet:


2nd & 4th Thursday of the month


Noon @ Tabernacle Baptist

 112 East Cherokee St.

6:30 PM @ Crosspoint City Church

(Annex) 325 Old Mill Rd.

All Welcome!!

How: By forming, with the help of the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse, a Recovery Community Organization (RCO), an independent, non-profit that is led and governed by people in recovery and their allies. more….

What We Need In Bartow:

  • Community education to dispel the stigma, myths, & discrimination associated with addiction/substance use disorders.

  • Youth & parent drug education & prevention in our schools.

  • Greater variety of mutual support meetings/ multiple pathways to recovery. more….

Important ways you can help:

Stay abreast of the latest understandings of addiction and recovery by reading articles of interest emailed to you, posted on our website, or shared on Facebook. more….

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Who we are

We are a diverse group of local community members whose lives have been affected by addiction. We recognize the need for a more robust and organized way to support those seeking or in recovery, as well as the families negatively impacted by substance use.

Our First Step

We requested that the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse (GCSA) assist us in establishing a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) here in Bartow, similar to the one in Rome, Living Proof Recovery. They have enthusiastically agreed and held a Listening Session on April 25th, 2019 to gauge the community’s interest in bringing an RCO to Bartow. OVER 150 PLUS PEOPLE ATTENDED! We were encouraged by the grassroots support shown by the faith community (18 churches represented), judicial, medical, county and city governments, school systems, and families.
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